Gan Craft Jointed Claw 230 Magnum

Ayuja 230 Jointed Claw Magnum

¡Ya tenemos los primeros ‘Lipless Swimming Bait‘ gigantes a la venta!

Gan Craft Ayuja 230 Jointed CLAW Magnum

Member Limited

¿El precio?. Tan solo 238 dolares.

Para los mas sibaritas, con un buen bolsillo.


Los podemos encontrar en Ebay, la tienda mas grande del mundo,

Pincha aquí: Ebay, Gan Craft.Ayuja 230 Jointed CLAW Magnum

El color «Flashng Violet Ayu», espectacular. Como su precio.


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2 responses to “Gan Craft Jointed Claw 230 Magnum”

  1. BP says :

    Hi, I hope you can read English, I don’t read Spanish. Nice blog. I found you thanks to Big Bass Hunter via a couple of other bass fishing blogs. My blog is Bass Pundit and it is not nearly as nice looking as yours, probably never will be. I have put you on my Blogroll for foreign language bass blogs.

    I am guessing you are out of Spain??? Do you ever visit Tackle Tour?

    Anyway Great Blog!!!

    • Lunker Angler says :

      Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s very kind of you.
      We are two spanish anglers that love big fish and enthusiast fishing tackle.

      You´ll find me at http://lunkerangler.wordpress.comLunker Angler ‘ Fishing Blog.
      Sorry but -by now- it’s in spanish language. My brother is living in Minnesotta, so I’m looking foward a fishing trip to USA in the next future.

      And we love Tackle Tour too.
      Kind regards,

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